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During your journey when you visit somewhere, are you in search of some adventure and thrill? If your answer is yes then this place is exactly where you should be. Zip-flyer in Nepal can be done from naturally beautiful Pokhara, a dreamland that is fused with a plethora of adventure activities such as; Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Zip-flyer, Ultra-Flight, Parahawking and short hiking.

Pokhara is a perfect destination to experience the adventure activity called Zip- flying. Enclosed with the unique geographical setting of Pokhara, Zip-flying in Nepal becomes exciting as you fly with great speed from up to down. Zip-flying in Pokhara is only one activity that can rush your adrenaline and fulfill your fantasy desire of flying.

Zip-flyer also known as Zipline, is a pulley suspended on a steel cable attached to towers or trees with a certain inclination which allows a person to ride along it. The paradise city, Pokhara is one of the best locations in the world to experience the maximum blend of thrill and excitement of Zip-flyer. One of the steepest, tallest and fastest Zip-flying is in Nepal with a total distance of 1.80km(1.12mi), a vertical height of 610m (2000ft) and a maximum speed of 120km/hr. Such types of long and high lines are installed in remote and mountainous areas for thrill-seeking trekkers and travelers. This wonderful Zip-line offers an amazing adventure, thrill, and excitement with a high standard of safety.

This amazing Zip-flyer can be started from the Sarankot which is famous for its impressive sunrise and sunset with the magnificent views of the various Himalayas such as; Mt. Machhapchhre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Himalchuli and many more. After a proper guidance, almost 2 to 3 minutes of thrill above the beauty of nature (dense forest) is really awe-inspiring. Enjoying being carried by the wind and landing in the beautiful village called Hemja, a Tibetan refugee camp will provide you a sense of satisfaction. You can take your Zip-flying video and images from the souvenir shop nearby Hemja village. After enjoying optimum level of thrilling of Zip-flying, you will be returned back to the capital city of Nepal with the sweet memory for your final departure.

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